Community Acupuncture Oamaru

The acupuncture clinic is held once weekly at the Oamaru Community House. Acu-goers are treated together in a large room, meaning Elise, the acupuncturist can treat more than one person at a time – lowering the cost for all. People can therefore return more regularly for treatment, helping them to become healthy and stay healthy.

The payment method is a sliding scale fee whereby patients can choose how much they pay between $15 and $40. Patients also have the option to fill in health forms and write down their symptoms rather than say them aloud to maintain privacy.

The clinic is a quiet, restful space where you and your community can come to relax and heal.

  • Elise Blundell
  • Elise Blundell
  • Oamaru Community House, 100 Thames Street, Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand

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