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0800 Mr Painter
4 Otter Street
Oamaru North
Oamaru 9400
027 437 4367 or 0800 677 246
A+ Services

We offer professional Window Cleaning, Spider & Pest Control, Gutter Cleaning, Moss Spraying & Full house washes.
Window Cleaning with our purified water system.
Our reverse osmosis purifying system produces pure water removing toxic chemicals including
fluoride, heavy metal deposits and many other impurities.
Better for your glass giving a streak free clean finish.
0800 155 166 or 0277144812
A1 Spic n’ Span

Almost ALL cleaning...

Carpets ... Windows (extreme height specialists) ... Upholstery ... General Commercial & Residential

Water Blasting & Full House washing ... Odour Control ... Health Sector support ... Floors ... and More!


027 737 8423
Acupuncture & Massage
179 Thames St, Oamaru

Rick practices 5 Element Acupuncture which is based on traditional Chinese diagnostics and incorporates Tui Na massage, cupping and moxibustion.  

Acupuncture can help to reduce pain, boost energy levels, improve immune function and settle mind and body into a more balanced state for better health.

Acupuncture is recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective therapy for many different conditions.


Hypertension, cold limbs, chilblains, Bell’s palsy, arrhythmia


Headache, migraine, stroke recovery, neuralgia, insomnia


Asthma, bronchitis, common cold, hayfever, sinusitis, cough


Constipation, diarrhoea, hyperacidity, indigestion


Anxiety, depression, addictions of all kinds


Infertility, menopausal symptoms, period pain


Morning sickness, breech presentation, induction


Chronic or acute pain anywhere in the body

Muscle cramping, sciatica, sports recovery


Acne, bladder dysfunction, athletic performance, chronic fatigue, tonsillitis, eye strain, loss of smell, tinnitus, weight loss
03 434 9663
AJ Cleaning

Homes cleaning server, including ovens.

Amanda Acheson



Counselling & Supervision

Families,individuals & young people

027 521 1187
Barabara Liffiton

NZ RCpN, Grad Dip GT, Prov NZAC

Crew Cut, Oamaru

A complete range of services for your Lawn and Garden
Curtins Concrete Coating

Making Concrete great again!
Resurfacing new & existing concrete both indoors & outdoors. Resurfacing allows you to enhance or update both existing & new concrete areas without the costly & time consuming need to remove & replace existing concrete. These solutions can help to refresh tired concrete flooring, giving the area a new lease on life.

027 439 9209
David Ovens Building Contractor Ltd

David Ovens Building Contractor Ltd is a business, commerce or finance expert. When you need a business professional of any sort, be sure to give the experts at a try. With experience in all sorts of Business, Commerce and Finance strategies, our listed professionals can develop a plan that will increase your security and save you money. Their services can include accounting entities, compulsory liquidation, consumer reporting agencies or other services like consolidation loans, carryback loans - whatever your specific requirements in or near Waitaki-Otago, Otago. David Ovens Building Contractor Ltd is highly qualified in Tradespeople, so if your needs are in that specific discipline, you should contact them on (03) 4346774 straight away and find out what they can do for you. They are located at 21 Oban Street, Waiareka, Waitaki-Otago, Otago, 9401

Whether your business is start-up or multi-national, whether it's based in Otago, 9401 or elsewhere in New Zealand, David Ovens Building Contractor Ltd can set you on the right path to success. David Ovens Building Contractor Ltd is a well-established business that can provide you with all your Tradespeople needs. . If you need different Business, Commerce & Finance services, we have a massive 5550 different subcategories like Arbitrator - Business, Animation Mechanisms-Display Sign (Mfrs), Communications Consultants, Environmental Consultants & Services, Commercial Economic Educational Research and many others so don't hesitate to use the country menus at the top of the page and drill down to the businesses you need in your area.

027 481 9424