Join Our Website Today!

Cost of $45 per month – Payable to the O.R.A. (Oamaru Retailers Ass.)

A dedicated computer/server – with email, database(s) and fully functional with website – I.T. and infrastructure supplied by Oamaru Print and Copy Ltd.

To be designed and managed by an employee for O.R.A – taking direction form O.R.A. and Oamaru Retailers, with technical support supplied by Oamaru Print. Also to can be managed by oamaru retailers

A dedicated staff member (1 hour for each retailer, plus 1/4 hour per retailer for website changes and reporting to O.R.A.) under the guidance for Oamaru Print and Copy Ltd for access to computer servers, technical  support and wifi network.

To create a website and communication network – where customers can access Oamaru with the idea of growing, promoting and selling Oamaru, its retailers, products and services to local, national and inter-national markets.

Website current abilities

  • Advanced Business Listings
    • Phone
    • Address – includes a Google Map
    • sub domain – website links
    • Social media links – only available when users is connected to Internet.
    • Online contact form
    • Open hours
    • Logo & Profile image
    • Selling and marketing of Produced and Services
      • Unlimited produce and services listings
      • Receive and manage orders
      • Receive and Publish Reviews
      • Publish Coupons
      • Publish products and service information
      • Bookings
      • Run Promotion campaigns
    • Business sub-domain website
      • Fully functional website
      • Customised for your business
      • Email address and login via SSL Sercurity
      • No Ads on Sub-domain Website
      • Publish Photos
      • Publish Videos
      • Publish Blogs
      • Publish Documents
      • Publish Product and Services
      • Online form and surveys
    • Google Search Optimised
      • Keywords
      • Tags
      • Page descriptions
      • Products
    • SSL Security where required
    • Self Managed website
    •  1 hour personal care each month
      • Keeping your listing updating and fresh.
      • Work on promotion ideas
      • Changes and site improvements


  • Decal with open hours, website and contact details for your front door/window of each retailer.
  • Oamaru Telegram as a door-card – to bring Customer to the O.R.A. website (
  • Email address for locals with SSL Security and spam filters
  • future local Wifi access to email, website.

Near Future for the – when cash flow is available

  • Local Wifi
    • Life radio and local media streaming over wifi
    • Video & phone calls over wifi
    • The ability for Oamaru retails access internet where Wifi is available +$25 month (processed to Retailers Ass)
    • Town wireless access for retailers, customers and visitors to Website(s)
      • Access to wifi – Free
      • Default website when accessing Wifi ( so customers can view, book and purchase all oamaru retailers goods and services.
      • Access to all sub-domain websites
    • files and document sharing for Retailers from work to home where wifi access is available
    • dedicated servers for computer backup and files storage
    • sale of coupons for full internet access (processed to Retailers Ass)