21st Century Literacy 2000 jobs to go at the IRD. What effect does that have on you? No one in Oamaru works at the IRD, do they?  How many people have to engage with the IRD though? Do you have an accountant to file your tax returns? Does everyone you know have access to a computer and understand the IRD website? Yes, 2000 jobs have gone at the IRD because the government has a goal that by the end of this year 70% of ALL interactions with government departments are to be done online.  Do you know anyone who has a pension, is about to get a pension, or is on a benefit? Do they have a RealMe login? Do they have a cell phone? How would they get an appointment with W & I? It has been creeping up for a long time, that science fiction world where everyone communicates on computer. Did you realise as you grew up an watched Star Trek that you’d be there, talking to people through a little device that you keep in your pocket? It won’t be long before, “Beam me up…” is the message! And in the interests of cutting costs the government has made it a world where you can only do things through electronic communications.  Oh, you can try to work without it but try buying a ticket for the Steampunk NZ Festival or many other events without access to the internet? How do you find out about jobs or apply for them? Even the newspaper ads direct you to a website. This is all a new level of literacy. For those of us brought up with the 3 Rs, or not having the money to acquire a computer, understanding and following the digital direction of life is frustrating. Help is at hand. At Literacy North Otago you can get assistance with RealMe, MyAccount and learning how to attach CV’s to job applications just to start with. They have lovely new rooms at 20 Ribble St. Oamaru, next to Plunket Electrical and opposite Ireland’s Signwriting. Assistance is in small groups or 1:1 and time and patience allows you to work at your pace. If you require a RealMe login you will need to bring a cell phone – must have a cell phone and we can help you to use that too. For your MyAccount you will need:IRD no; cell phone; last pay slip; email address – we can set that up; W&I access number; Landlord details – name and phone no; we’ll get you hooked up in no time. 20 Ribble St is a fully accessible learning centre, even the kitchen is set up for those in wheelchairs or who are quite short!  If you wish your programme will be designed to lead to unit standards that contribute to a qualification.So far we have: Pet Care, Learn to Draw, Computing, Fit 2 Work 2 TravelUsing cell phones.English Conversation ClassesDrivers Licence – learnersLevel 1 literacy and numeracyWorkplace courses – leadership, report writing, digital skills – excel, health and safety Open Day Sat 5th August from 11.00amCome and enrol with us at 20 Ribble St. Phone 03 434 2236

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