Have a plan and be prepared in case you need to stay at home during a pandemic.
Think about:

  • working from home
  • who could look after your extended family if they don’t live nearby (eg, who could deliver groceries or meals to sick family members)
  • organising child care (eg, if your children need to stay at home and you must go to work).

If you have an existing medical condition:
Make sure you don’t run out of regular medications
Make sure you take medications for any condition to keep them under good control.
Have a plan
During a pandemic, you or your family may be so sick that you need to stay at home for several weeks. Make a plan with family and friends so it includes:

  • who could help with food and supplies if you and your household are ill.
  • if you have prescription medicines (eg, for blood pressure), renewing your prescription well before you run out.
  • the telephone numbers of people who live near you, as well as your doctor’s phone number. (Keep this in a place that is easy to see, eg, on the fridge door).
  • an emergency supplies kit – see the ‘Emergency Survival Items’ list on the inside back cover of the Yellow Pages. Or check the Get ready Get thru website: www.getthru.govt.nz and select ‘How to get ready’.

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