Oamaru library April 5th 2017 at 6 p.m. A celebration party for the launch of the novel ‘Bittersweet’. The good thing about being part of a writers’ co-operative publishing company is the number of friendly and supportive writers who help you write the best book you can. It has a downside though. If your colleagues think your novel is not good enough then you can’t publish it. The first draft of ‘Bittersweet’ was accepted. The edited and correct 2nd draft was rejected with screams of horror by the American and Australian member writers. “It’s pornographic, you’ve written a pornographic historical novel. No, you are not publishing it with us.” Ah me! Perhaps I could rewrite it more delicately? I could. I did, and now I have my third novel published with pride. p.d.r. Lindsay

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