Should we have an Easter Sunday Shop Trading policy in the district, allowing more businesses to open on Easter Sunday? Late last year, Central Government gave us the right to have a policy allowing more businesses to open on Easter Sunday. We think that the time is right to have this discussion and are seeking comments from you. Do you support adopting an Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy or do you prefer the status quo to stay in place? Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale says this is an important issue and your feedback will help Council make a decision. “We’re expecting this issue to attract submissions from people who will support trading on Easter Sunday as well as people opposing it,” says Cr Tavendale. “There will be people who want businesses to have the ability to open on Easter Sunday, which can support tourism and provide services to the wider public.  On the other hand, some people will see Easter Sunday traditionally as being a family day, as well as having religious significance. Their concern may be that if more shops were to open on Easter Sunday then there may be less time for families to spend together.” The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 does, however, put in place restrictions should a policy be adopted.  For example, employees are protected under the Act to have a day off and are not required to give a reason why they choose not to work on Easter Sunday. This policy would only apply to Easter Sunday – it doesn’t apply to Good Friday, Anzac Day morning or Christmas Day. Some businesses are already permitted to open on Easter Sunday including dairies, service stations, takeaway food shops, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, pharmacies and garden centres. The consultation period closes on Wednesday 18 October. If the decision is made to introduce an Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy it will be in place before next Easter. Let them know what you think – only takes five minutes by completing an online submission at

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