A new set of rules governing everything from the keeping of bees in urban areas to responsible cat ownership is now open for public discussion.
Known as the General Bylaw, the rules are put in place to protect the public from noise, odour, and other hazards and minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places and reserves.
Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale says the existing General Bylaw is 10 years old and out-of-date and the new bylaw recognised new issues that have emerged in the intervening years.
“The draft General Bylaw covers a multitude of issues from street appeals, collections and street photography to busking in public places,” says Cr Tavendale.
“The four main areas we are most concerned with are responsible cat ownership and the keeping of bees, roosters and other birds in urban areas. We are proposing that pet cats are limited to three per household, rules around keeping bees are to be relaxed, with two beehives in urban areas to be permitted, and that keeping of roosters in urban areas are not permitted.”
“During the course of reviewing the bylaw, we have been discussing these proposed changes and the suggested changes have not been taken lightly. The updates reflect changing community needs and are designed to allow people to enjoy their surroundings without public disturbance.
The bylaw has been drafted to prevent various forms of nuisance, including noise, which can cause considerable distress for neighbours and people living in urban areas.”
The consultation period has opened and will close on Thursday 3 August. Full details can be found at www.waitaki.govt.nz

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