Generosity charity shop in Ribble street (right beside the Golden Dragon restaurant) open Tues – Friday 10am-3-30pm supports therapy for autistic children. It was wonderful to give away another $1000 to supporting these beautiful children. We are also in need of more goods for our shop. I would greatly appreciate donations of good clothing, jewellery, nic nac’s, kitchenware, dvds, cds etc for the shop – this would help our children and the people who shop with us. I am very happy to collect any donations you may have to offer us. Please phone 4342024 for collection/pick up anytime. Please no books – we just don’t have the room.
I am so grateful for all we receive.
My vision has been realised through the shop, and its such a blessing to support young children who benefit so much from this shop. We have recently given away another $1000 to CCS disability action for distribution to the children. I have a great set of helpers who give a lot of time to my shop, I am so grateful to them all. Thanks so much to all those that support the shop in numerous ways. God bless you. Barbara

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