Last Wednesday members of the Glenavy WI met at Waitaki Bridge Hall to pool transport for travel to Oamaru.Our furtherest away member, Pam Kippenberger from Geraldine was also able to come. We headed to The Captains Alley where we were going to go ten pin bowling.
A change of footwear and we were in teams and ready to get under way. There were bowls heading in all directions – and not always where they were intended to go!!!!!! Much laughter and sometimes that ohhhhh and clicking of tongue when things didn’t go as planned.
Our 91 year old Dawn Davies was one to watch out for. Up she went, one hand on her walking stick and the other holding the bowl. Blimey – she was good and got more strikes than any of us. I did ask if she had been there practising but she did assure me she hadn’t ! It was a close run to the end – Kathy McCulloch with 114 points, closely followed by Pam Kippenberger on 113 and Dawn Davies finishing on 103.
Top team was Glen Billett, Kathy McCulloch, Dawn Davies and Frances MacPherson with 380 points.
Second was Pam Kippenberger, Sue Koevoert, Noeline Bull and Caryl Thorn with 360. Third was Heather Hollamby, Suzanne Inkson, Bev Inch and Hazel Poole with 328 points.
What a fun time we had all had and a number of members keen to go back again for some more fun another day.
From the games we then went to the Galleon Restaurant where we ordered lunch. A variety of foods were ordered and always nice to see what others choose. I was completely satisfied with my very tasty meal and too full to order dessert !!!
Back into cars and then headed to Wisteria Cottage on the outskirts of Oamaru. Having driven past on numerous occasions, it is good to actually stop and see what is inside. What a lovely shop and nicely set out. For anyone interested in craft this is a must stop shop. Time then to head for home after a relaxing and fun day we had all enjoyed.

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