We had three lovely ladies from the Phillipines come to cook us a dish from their country so in between the meeting we adjourned to watch what the stages in preparation were.
Lot Mordeno, Irene Pe and Emerlita Orillo now live in Oamaru but were happy to travel out to us. They cooked Adobo, which they said is the unofficial national dish of the Phillipines. Pork was the meat used for tonights demonstration and was browned first. The meat had been marinated in vinegar. It’s a sugar cane vinegar used in the Philippines but here could be white vinegar. Garlic and onions were chopped and added. A mixture of vinegar and soy sauce also poured over and we were told not to stir it in, but to just pour it.
Bay leaves were added as were peppercorns and all was left to simmer for about 15 minutes. These ladies don’t measure the ingredients as we would if following a recipe – it is all done by taste.
While waiting for this to cook we were treated to another dish to taste. There was rice, again pork and a lovely spring roll. The spring roll consisted of minced pork, onion, egg and breadcrumbs and was then deep fried.
What delicious tastings we were treated to and what wonderful flavourings. Most people went home with the recipes and I am sure their families will be in for a real gastronomical treat before too long.
Caryl Thorn thanked Lot, Irene and Emerlita for coming out to demonstrate for us and presented them with some baking to take home.
All three ladies said that what they miss about their homeland was the food as it is quite different to here in NZ. What they did like about our country though was the security, the scenery and the people.
We all enjoyed learning a little more about the culture from another place and the food tasting was certainly an added bonus ! Thank you lovely ladies – you did a totally awesome demonstration.
Over a cup of tea, Suzanne Inkson gave a most comprehensive report on the AGM recently held in Waimate. It was pleasing to hear that Glenavy had won the trophy for Annual Reports. Now that we have a trophy cabinet in the Hall it is nice to have something to put in it ! For those of us who weren’t at the AGM, it was good to hear such a great report. Thank you Susanne.
Competition Results: Cacti : 1st Hazel Poole, 2nd Caryl Thorn, Fleece Garment : 1st Hazel Poole

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