Glenavy Women’s Institute – July ReportGlenavy Women’s Institute – July ReportMember’s and their husbands got together for the annual progressive dinner which is a pleasant way to celebrate our birthday month.  There was a smaller number than usual attending due to some away on holiday and a number of members unwell.  However, the 16 people there was more than what we thought would be ! Our first port of call was at the home of Sue and Lyn Koevoert where we had soup and nibbles.  There was the choice of vegetable or pumpkin soup, whitebait patties, suishi, toasties and/or garlic bread.  Pace yourself, pace yourself was the voice talking inside my head …….  There are still two courses to go !!!!!!   On up the road to Hermien and Gert van’t Klooster where we could sample the main course dishes.  Again, the choice of food – meat, sausage dish, pasta dish, mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, a meat dish and roast veges comprising of potato, yams, parsnip and pumpkin.  Trying to sample a little of each, almost required a bigger plate.  By gosh, when there is an Institute gathering, there is never a shortage of great tasting food. The hard part is trying to monitor  the eating so one didn’t overfill and spoil each course.  This is no easy task when there is so much good food in front of you.Then it was across the river to the home of Heather Hollamby for dessert – this writer’s favourite course !!!!!  And that is certainly no reflection on the wonderful food already sampled.  It’s just that I’m a real sweet tooth and have always loved dessert the best !!!!!! Oh my – almost drooling at the mouth with seeing what was on the table !!!  Pavlova, brandy snaps, fruit salad, cheesecake, apple crumble and a chocolate caramel tart with tea and coffee to finish with. Heather, the lovely bunch of (spring ) flowers on your lounge table was lovely and certainly noticed the minute we walked in.  The auctioneer (who will remain nameless ) who had placed a ticket beside it for voting when we did the buttonholes will need a lesson in what constitutes as a buttonhole !!!!!  But…….., at least he noticed the flowers !!

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