Here are some symptoms of hearing loss:
You frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves
You have difficulty understanding speech in noisy places
You turn up the volume on your TV or radio so loud that others complain
You often misunderstand what is being said.
To diagnose a hearing loss you need a professional hearing test, but first, consider visiting your doctor or a specialist ear nurse.
They can check your ears for problems like too much wax or an ear infection.
They can also recommend and refer you for professional help, like a hearing therapist or an audiologist.
Seek this help as soon as possible as there are services and supports available to help you manage your hearing loss.
Hearing loss in children
Your child may have trouble hearing if they have some of these signs:
Infants under 6 months old
Does not react to loud sounds, or wake to noise
Not turning his/her head towards your voice by 4–6 months
Infants 6–12 months old
May not recognise words or understand simple phrases
Children 1–2 years
Does not respond to or try to locate sounds
May not copy or repeat words and sounds to communicate
May rely on visual clues
Children 3 years and older
Speech is slow compared with other children of similar age
Talks loudly
Listens to television at louder volume
May have short attention span
May have behavioral issues
May find it hard to follow or understand verbal questions and instructions
The sooner you get the help, the better for you, your child, your family and whānau. Please contact your doctor, nurse or hearing specialist (audiologist) straight away.

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