Concerns about the safety of a well-used intersection in Oamaru are to be addressed with the trial of new road marking and temporary sand-bagged traffic islands to slow traffic and prevent motorists cutting across the intersection.
Roading Network Engineer Ting Ge says the temporary layout at the Cross Street / Chelmer Street / Reed Street intersection will be trialled for a few weeks to determine its effectiveness. Council has had discussions with local businesses to determine their issues and needs which, along with observations of general traffic behaviour, has resulted in this trial.
“The new intersection layout is designed to improve the safe flow of traffic,” says Mr Ge.
“If a motorist is coming out of Reed Street and intends to cross over to Chelmer Street they won’t be able to simply drive across the intersection – they must turn left then immediately right into Chelmer Street and this will stop some motorists cutting across the intersection.”
The sand-bag traffic islands and road marking is designed to create greater clarity of how motorists will negotiate the intersection, creating a safer intersection for all road users. It will also result in traffic having to slow down as they turn into the different streets.
The work is expected to start on Monday 27 February and is likely to be completed within a few days.
“We ask for the motorists’ patience during the installation and trial period, appreciating that more caution will need to be exercised until we become more familiar with the new layout.”
Following the trial an assessment will be made and if it becomes evident that the measures are effective permanent traffic islands will be installed.

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