Saturday Retreat: On Saturday the 6th Joy will be leading a one day retreat entitled ‘The Gospel of Our Lives’. On our Christian spiritual journey we have guidance from Scripture. The Bible, especially the New Testament, provides us with maps for the road. But there is a second sacred text that we can overlook. It is our life experience. In mature faith we can reflect on our lives and see God’s guidance in every part of it. What we considered to be error or difficulty, were the times of greatest teaching and invaluable. In this one day retreat we move beyond division to the grace of Christ Jesus who assured us: “The Truth will set you free.” The retreat will be at Eveline Presbyterian Church, 424 Thames Highway from 9.30 -3pm, beginning with worship. Please bring a plate for a shared lunch and a $10 donation that will go to a children’s home in India that Joy supports.To register please email Janice Hayes or call on 4371551. Sunday Worship: The first Sunday in May is traditionally known in Tonga as Faka Me or White Sunday where children take the lead in conducting worship. With Joy Cowley in town for this year’s Faka Me we thought it was too good an opportunity to pass, so together before God we are going to celebrate with and give thanks for all of the children and young people of North Otago. The service will be at the Waitaki Girls High School Auditorium at 11am on May 7th. Children and young people are encouraged to come wearing their traditional costume. Please bring a plate to share for morning tea. For further details please contact Jill McDonald 4272418 or

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