Maheno Students visit Fraser Island
Maheno Students visit Fraser Island

A GROUP of students and parents led by the school principal arrived on the Fraser Coast from Maheno in New Zealand to pay respects. The group travelled to Australia to attend the unveiling of the commemorative plaque on the beach beside the wreck of the TSS Maheno on Fraser Island and the Anzac Day service on Tuesday 25 April.
The plaque was unveiled on Sunday April 23 by His Excellency Mr Chris Seed, High Commissioner for New Zealand and two descendants of the Henry Owens of the Butchulla people.
Henry Owens of the Butchulla people was on the beach and watched the Maheno when it was washed ashore onto the beach at about 2pm on 9 July 1935.
The Maheno was owned by the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand became the NZ Hospital Ship Maheno (NZHS Hospital Ship No 1) in Ww1. The TSS Maheno, a passenger ship launched in 1905 operated regularly primarily on the cross Tasman run between Australia and New Zealand. The Maheno held the speed records for almost two decades. Following the start of WW1, the Maheno was chartered by the New Zealand government and converted to be HMNZ Hospital Ship No 1.
The first voyage of the Maheno as a hospital ship was from 7 July 1915 to 1 January 1916,arriving at Anzac (beach) on Gallipoli for the first time on 26 August 1915.
A bronze plaque of approximately one metre square is placed on a plinth in the foredune area beside the beach where the wreck of the Maheno now rests peacefully. This is an information plaque with a combination of text and four images.
The plaque sits on a piece of volcanic cooked sandstone that has been drawn from a quarry near Maheno in New Zealand; the rock was transported to Australia by the Royal New Zealand Air Force in January 2017.

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