New fees have been set for businesses that sell and serve food including restaurants and cafes.  The new fee structure has been adopted following consultation with affected businesses and the public.

Regulatory Services Manager Lichelle Guyan says the new fee structure has been implemented following legislative changes under the Food Act 2014.

The new risk-based model has been developed by Ministry of Primary Industries.  The model requires businesses that sell and supply food to register and the type of registration will depend on the level of risk.

“We have developed a fee structure that we believe to be fair and reasonable for affected businesses.”

During the consultation period some submitters requested a maximum cost for verification fees which has been capped at four hours.  The news fees came into effect on 4 April.

“We will continue to help businesses and give them as much information and assistance about the new regulations.  There is a transition period, which has commenced, is to be in place by 2019.”

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