Members of the Waitaki Presbyterian Church have been looking at how to continue the work that was started with Note (North Otago Tongan Engagement) after successfully fund raising and installing water tanks in three villages in Tonga. However, this time the focus is local and so we will be starting a community garden behind Eveline Church. Note was established to bring together Tongan and Kiwi people, with the community garden we want to continue and expand on this, having people come from all cultures to come and interact with each other. Gardening is an activity that anyone can do and people can learn from each other, so the North End Community Garden will be as much about the gardening and teaching of gardening skills as it will about fostering interactions between the people of the different cultures that make up our community. While the garden will be to grow food, we want to grow much more than food, we want to grow and strengthen the community. The North Otago Tree Planting Association has kindly provided a grant for the purchase 17 fruit trees and Statement Trees has kindly donated another two trees. There will be a planting day for these trees on Saturday 2nd September at 10am to begin the Community Garden at Eveline Church, 424 Thames Highway. Please bring spades or shovels to help with the planting of the trees. Everyone is welcome to come as we want the community to own the garden making it theirs. This is to be a place in the community for the community that they can come to and meet each other, chat and perhaps do some gardening at the same time.

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