Oamaru Adventure Park Report
Oamaru Adventure Park Report

​​​The ‘Oamaru Adventure Park Report’, commissioned by Council, describes how the local economy could be boosted by creating business ventures such as a zipline in the Oamaru harbour area.
The 69-page report includes comprehensive information on the Waitaki district, including information on current visitor numbers (both nationally and locally), visitor nights, existing tourist attractions and what else could be considered from an economic development perspective.
It suggests that development in the Oamaru harbour area could be phased in a staged process with the first phase constructing a Quarry-to-Harbour Zipline. Other phases could include an adventure tower, aerial high ropes and a tower climb. Natural play areas for children, accommodation and event space are also discussed. Also included is information about Tourism Waitaki’s 2025 Strategy, and identifies key stakeholders.
The report also demonstrates how new ventures such as a zipline will attract greater numbers of visitors and tourists, and with more attractions on offer, they are likely to have longer stays in the district. It is expected that there will be a high level of interest in the proposed zipline from potential investors.
A full report can be located on the Waitaki District Council website http://www.waitaki.govt.nz search for “Oamaru Adventure Park Report”. Views from the community and stakeholders will also be sought during Council’s 2018-28 Long Term Plan consultation

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