We have a General Bylaw which sets out the requirements for keeping animals in the Waitaki District.  Although the Bylaw has general provisions for keeping animals in any area of the District, it has a particular focus on urban areas. Unless carefully controlled, stock and other animals in urban areas can easily become a nuisance and be offensive to neighbours. Of note from the Bylaw is the following: ​There are special requirements for keeping poultry in urban areas – for example, you can’t keep more than 12 poultry on an urban property at any one time and they must be housed in a certain way Keeping pigs in any urban area within Waitaki is not permitted, If you want to keep beehives in urban areas, you must have a permit from Council and there are conditions There are specific fencing requirements for animals in urban areas – for example, an electric fence must be at least 1 metre from any boundary line and suitably labelled to indicate it is electrified, If you are keeping a horse in an urban area, there must be no less than 2023m2 (½ acre) for each horse Please see the Waitaki District council website for more details. Feel free to Contact us if you would like to clarify any of the bylaw information or you require a permit.​​​http://www.waitaki.govt.nz​

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