Following a two-week consultation asking the public whether more money, less money or the same money should be spent on Waitaki’s roads, the majority of respondents believe more money should be spent to keep up with the increasing demand being placed on the district’s roading network. Roading Manager Michael Voss says almost 70 people expressed their views during the public consultation period, providing valuable feedback as Council finalises its business case to request increased government funding. Mr Voss says, “The premise of the consultation was to gauge whether or not there was an appetite for increasing the ratepayer contribution towards our roads.” “While the majority of people support increasing the ratepayer portion, there are a number of caveats that will be considered with Council including either no rate rise or rates diverted from other Council activities.” The consultation focused on three high level aspects of managing the roading infrastructure including widening high risk sealed rural roads, more gravel on high priority rural roads and smoothing of rural and urban roads. “The feedback was a good indicator that many people would like to see more improvements made.  As well as completing the survey many comments were also received and we want to explore them further to gain a more in-depth understanding.  We’re aiming to contact as many of the respondents as we can to gather this information.” Council will review the business case investment plan which will be submitted to the Regional Transportation Committee in August.

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