Save the Children
Save the Children

On Monday the 3rd of April, Mrs Ros Stace, the President of Save the Children N.Z. spoke at a function attended by 31 Volunteers. This was followed by a delicious afternoon tea.
Mrs Stace gave a well-informed presentation and bought us up to date with what was happening with Save the Children in N.Z. and around the world. She spoke of the Kaikoura earthquake and how Save the Children’s skilled workers helped by providing a safe place for children – a place where they were cared for, could play and feel safe, enabling their parents to do all the things required of them after such a devastating earthquake. The “Journey of Hope” programme was first used in Christchurch after the dreadful earthquake in 2011. We were told of Mistletoe Bay, another project that is aimed at confidence building and life skills for disadvantaged high school students. There are many projects funded by Save the Children, here, in the Pacific Islands and worldwide. Remember we are always there helping when a disaster strikes. Health and education are high on our agenda. Please go on line, type in Save the Children NZ – there is so much information to show you the wonderful work we are doing.
Save the Children has launched an urgent appeal called “THE HORN OF AFRICA APPEAL”. Millions of people across East Africa are facing severe shortages of food and water caused by drought conditions. Families are starving to death. PLEASE HELP. Susanne Black at the Natural Health Shop, 25 Thames Street, Oamaru has kindly offered to accept and receipt donations on our behalf. Help is needed urgently – we will be grateful for any monitory donations. The Natural Health shop is also selling jams, walnuts and baby knitting on our behalf.
Since the closure of the Save the Children shop, we have been working extra hard to raise funds to help improve the lives of needy children. In addition to the jams, pickles, preserves, walnuts and knitting, we have raffles, cake & produce stalls, movie nights, garage sales, cheese rolls and we are still collecting stamps and rags. We are ready and willing to cater for morning and afternoon teas, lunches and dinners and funerals. We have knitters ready to knit to order. If you have something you want knitted, please phone Jan 437 1910 and discuss your requirements with her.
Save the Children started in N.Z. 70 years ago and some of us have worked for this charity for a long time. We would welcome new members – so if you have some time to spare and would like to join a friendly group who are dedicated to improving the lives of children all over the world, give us a call. For any information call Shirley 434 9997 or 027 626 6205 or Anne 434 5514. We look forward to your call.

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