One of the best things about knowing people from different parts of the world, is that you can taste food from a country that have their own traditional dishes that you might have never tasted.
An International Dinner took place March 25th at Pembroke School Hall. The concept was a plate of food to share from your country. A selection of dishes from different countries; Tonga – whole roasted pig served as centre piece of the dinner table, sweet potatoes, seafood, and green bananas. Philippines – sticky rice, a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables are used in cooking, coconut flesh/milk used in desserts, sauces and meat dishes. Suman (Native rice cake of grated cassava, brown sugar and coconut cream wrapped in banana leaves.) Vietnamese rice paper filled rolls, Japan – sushi, France – French crepes, Wontons a popular dumpling in Chinese Cuisine. Empanadas – stuffed pastry made in many countries of Latin America and Spain which have fillings inside. New Zealand – humble Pavlova and many more dishes. Concluding with a selection of delectable sweets. What a great night to enjoy a range of fantastic food from across the globe – thank you to our vibrant community for sharing your beautiful food!

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