The Oamaru Net has come a long way since its launch about 7 months ago. We have now integrated ‘the Oamaru Telegram’ into the site. Giving locals a place to find news and information about Oamaru and its clubs and businesses. Local businesses without an online presence – that are advertising in ‘the Oamaru Telegram’ are now benefiting from this extra online exposure.   Great stuff.

Our Goal is to make every local event, club or business successful by the promotion of their events, services and/or products. So where does one start in today’s world? Most only promote in one place – the place they know – leaving a large hole. Some only use the modern world facebook/social media – then what about our local newspapers and websites?  Customers don’t read every kind of media and customers don’t always have access to each.

So, we have decided to do it all – from print (business cards, flyers etc… We can even print on your car or vehicle), local newspaper (the Oamaru  Telegram), websites and the ‘Oamaru Net’ to social media. A one stop shop. Just need radio and TV…

We are doing our best to make the even more successful with free email service  – with every email sent out, Oamaru is being promoted – world wide. has firewalls and email filters to help stop email spammers and virus – So far no trouble… and is backup daily for extra security. Email addresses are only given to those who can call into our office at Oamaru Print and Copy Ltd, 146 Thames St. This is to stop spammers from other countries creating accounts to use for spamming – and keeping it local!

Oamaru Print loves to see locals supporting local – so we have just installed an ‘Automatic Facebook Poster’ – This will help with making contact with the social media customers with what’s go on in town, by posting all events and articles for the Oamaru Net to Facebook. These will be posted at ( – Check it out – and remember to like or follow…

Work on the ‘Oamaru Net’ wifi is slowly taking place. We are hoping to get a couple more access points around town. At the moment the ‘Oamaru Net’ can be accessed on some of Thames St, Tees and the Harbour  (Sunday market and surrounding areas). We currently have around 30 users connecting daily.

Regards Oamaru Print and Copy Ltd

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