Chest Pain

Chest pain is quite common. If you or a family member has chest pain, it will probably be caused by something minor. But chest pain can also indicate a serious problem like a heart attack, a blood clot moving to the lungs, or pneumonia. So don’t just put up with Continue Reading

Chest infections (bronchitis)

Chest infections (bronchitis)There are different types of chest infections, ranging from the simple acute bronchitis that comes on with a cold, to more serious infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from your lungs. Bronchitis Continue Reading

New Business – Elise Blundell

Elise Blundell is opening a new acupuncture clinic in Oamaru at the Community House, with a unique take on affordability in healthcare. The walk-in clinic breaks down the financial barrier to receiving health care by treating patients in a group setting, together in one room – lowering the cost for Continue Reading

Eye and vision problems

The eye is very complex and injury or disease can easily damage your eye beyond repair. It’s important to know what symptoms can indicate a threat to your vision. If you or a family member has lost vision (can’t see) in one or both eyes, see your doctor as soon Continue Reading

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. Cradle cap is infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis that is confined to the scalp. Infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis may also affect other areas of the body such as behind the ears, in the Continue Reading