Sale, sale, sale! How those words alert us to bargains to be had inside the door of the shop we are about to enter.
Everyone loves a bargain, especially if it is all about what we really want to buy. Traditionally all sale stock that is in a sale, is marked down. Have you ever thought of who loses out on the reduced price? Is it the store that sells it, or is it the person who has produced the goods?
If it is the person/company that has produced the goods, then they do not receive the full amount for what they have produced. How do you think they feel about that? Do they have any choice?
Trade Aid stores all over New Zealand are having a sale until the 2nd of April. Goods are sent from the warehouse and the marked down goods are put out for the sale. BUT did you know it is not the producer who loses out, it is Trade Aid organisation itself? The producers always receive the price that has been negotiated with them.
Is there any other company or producer group that does this? I don’t think so.
Not only will you feel good about your bargain, you should feel good that you are still supporting some of the poorest people who are endeavouring to trade themselves out of poverty. Trade aid Oamaru invites you to come into the store on Thames St, and feel good about the sale prices and the fact that the people who make the goods are not losing out to your desire to buy goods more cheaply. Enjoy the feeling!

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