Warning for motorists to observe road closuresMotorists are choosing to drive on closed roads which could result in injury and loss of insurance. Network Operations Engineer Mark Renalson says ‘road closure’ signs have been in place on many roads since the recent floods and people are jeopardising their safety by either ignoring them or shifting the signs off the road. “In particular we’ve seen motorists on Weston Ngapara Road ignoring the signage.   This includes accessing the closed Humber Street bridge to view the hole that was created by the flood and in doing so standing over unsupported pavement,” says Mr Renalson. Trucks have also been reported travelling across the closed Domain Road Bridge in Dunback.   “We appreciate that some inconvenience can be caused by people having to travel on different roads while others are closed, however, this is done for people’s safety.” The closed roads are being repaired as quickly as possible in accordance with levels of priority and we ask that people be patient during this time.

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