On Friday last week we had a very exciting visitor to our Playcentre. Alice from St Johns came to see us in her ambulance! The children had such a great time looking all around the ambulance and Alice showed us some of the tools they use to help people who are hurt. Some of the children even had a turn to lie on the stretcher. We were all fascinated to see the way the legs folded and unfolded so it could be taken out of the ambulance and put back in again. We pretended to have some injuries so that Alice could even bandage us up. She showed us the right way to put the bandages on. Thanks so much for visiting us in your ambulance Alice. The children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot too! If you and your pre-schooler would like to join in the fun – pop along for three free visits to see if Playcentre is right for you. 2 Airedale Road, Weston. Open Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 11.30am during school term time.

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