Weaving Together Stronger Communities one Basket at a Time

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From ancient roots, the art of basketry is bringing about brighter futures for artisans the world over.
From June 7th until June 17th, Trade Aid Oamaru is celebrating our basket makers. Shoppers can learn about our basket origins and the artisans who make them – they can watch videos of our baskets being made and learn about how they can make a difference in the lives of these talented artisans, simply by purchasing a basket.
For a limited time, shoppers can also purchase a discounted basket. We are sure they will be a much loved addition to any home or workplace.
At Trade Aid we collaborate with 11 grassroots craft groups throughout Asia and Africa to bring together our wide basket range – in doing so supporting the livelihoods of thousands of talented artisans across the globe.
One such artisan is Khalida (pictured). Previously Khalida had slim working opportunities and her family was struggling to make ends meet off her husband’s taxi driving income. Now, Khalida is highly trained in the Bangladeshi art of basket weaving, and is now paid fairly for her work at Dhaka Handicrafts, one of the craft groups Trade Aid partners with. She has been with the organisation for 18 years and in that time has seen great change within her family unit. Khalida and her husband now combine their incomes, enabling them to buy their own plot of land and educate their two little boys. Her dream for her children is that they become teachers so that they can pay forward the benefits of education to their community. The financial and social security this has brought to her family is tangible.
Stories like the one of Khalida are proof that trading fair is not only a viable business model, it’s also a powerful tool for building better communities. Through relationships like this one with Trade Aid, and business success, Dhaka is now able to offer their artisans pensions and savings schemes, maternity leave, and a pregnancy benefits – things we often take for granted here in New Zealand. Khalida is among tens of thousands of basket makers across the globe whose lives are changing for the better through fair trade.
Visit Trade Aid Oamaru at 169 Thames Street, Oamaru, between June 7th -17th and learn more about our wonderful baskets and pick one up for 50% off the normal price.
Dhaka’s work is impressive at every level. Watch artisans weaving one of our beautiful baskets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiQ_YJEB3iM&t=44s
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