Beware of Phone Scammers!

There is a group of phone callers claiming  to represent well known NZ companies – telling you that your computer router is faulty and they will replace it, also giving you $200. After getting you to change your computer, They then ask which bank you use and to lookup your internet banking to see if the $200 is deposited. This allows them to get all your bank details – including password.  You will find a much larger amount deposited, and when telling the caller, they say they will give another $200 for their error! They then tell you to visit the Post Office Bank and withdraw the amount by eftpos – sending it to the number supplied. If you were to check  with your own Bank, you will find that they have accessed your account – transferring money from your savings to cheque account – the large amount – supposedly in error. So be warned. If these people ring you, hang up immediately! Or waste their time with random comments – or ask them to explain over and over. This way you slow them down from calling the next person…

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